Future Focused Advisory

Get the coaching and insight you need to leverage your impact and shape a better future as a leader

Clarity in Uncertain Times

As a leader you must confront both the traditional challenges of leadership and the newly emerging uncertainties around technology and a changing global political landscape.

Benefit from strategic leadership coaching and advisory

Be supported in your goal setting, decision making, and personal dynamics, as well as provide insights into emerging tech, AI, and the impact of a rapidly changing political and geopolitical landscapes.

Gain clarity in the different areas that impact you and develop a plan to address these

A combination of analytical thinking, clear analysis, technological understanding, and experience, combines to provide you the backing you need to thrive in an uncertain age

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  • Gain clarity around the most important professional and personal challenges you face
  • Discuss your challenges in confidence in a supportive environment
  • Glean the insights that will help you navigate a quickly changing unpredictable environment
  • Learn more about yourself, what drives you, how to make the most of the natural skills you possess, and which are the areas you would work on to improve your outcomes
  • Develop a better understanding of the impact of technologies like AI on your current business and future prospect
  • Build optimistic resilience to help you and your business face the future with confidence

Why Me?

  • Coaching and communication experience
  • Experience working with leaders
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Wide experience in variety of industries
  • Deep International exposure
  • Understanding of technology
  • Clear thinking and analysis of current and future trends


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What to Expect?

  • We will co-sign a coaching agreement that emphasises the confidentiality of the discussions and what we can expect from the process
  • Initial session will be used to introduce each other and understand your needs
  • Weekly session will usually be divided into three sections where:
    • We review the past week and identify challenges
    • We discuss how to resolve them, and in the last part
    • We cover the coming week and longer-term plans, and what would be the best approach to experience the outcomes you desire
  • We begin with a paid Initial 1 hour “getting to know each other session” 
  • I work on a rolling 3 month basis


Send me a message below if you have any question about how you can benefit from working with me as well as any queries regarding key note speeches and other speaking engagements:

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